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The Alliance

by Bitforce

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Jigglypuff, it’s that balloon pokemon You can sing along if you think you know the song She got that one move that’s oh so strong Like a home run bat homie you'll be going going gone It’s the best, you know that im talking bout that rest If she hits you with it once it's almost guaranteed a death Even if you survive, then it adds a high percent And a little disrespect putting that flower on your head. (Pre Chorus) If you wanna smash I’m gettin Jiggly All your moves is trash, you ain’t nothing to me Don’t you get too close to me, When i start to sing, I'll get a read, Come up close to you and then I'll go to sleep like... (Chorus) Rest on ‘em, We gon rest on em When people lose, they be giving me that mad stare I’ll get a grab throw, combo to a back air If you say it ain’t that fair, i’ll whoop you with pound Or rollout, look at me i’m rollin all over the ground Now I ain’t gonna lie We make a good team Jigglypuff and I I ain’t worried bout them other guys I’m singing them some lullabies She been here from the first smash and she gonna last Don’t talk trash, or i’ll come up close to you and take a nap (Pre-chorus) (Chorus)
Lyrics: Kill!
(Chorus) I’m from a city called Robot City, best city in the whole wide world. (x2) It’s 20XX, what a mess, we need you, Nerdcore’s at its dumbest yet. They said music is changing, it’s in pain, Gross, we need you to save it It's like a Boo when you face, we need you to take it super saiyan When I'm playing up on a stage, I make buns shake like Chun Li. But for every Sonic the Hedgehog, you'll get one hundred bubsys So get me up on a beat to flow, I'm OP like bleach's Ichigo I didn't know standards could be so low Like everyone's rapping on easy mode That's why they get mad when see me I make them look bad so easy I've been rhyming like M.Bison, you rap weak like Dan Ibiki If you need a beat go get a drummer We go together better than bread and butter Forget about the labels I will never trust em' Yo rockman, hit em' with the mega buster Better get back back before my hands blast Screw you all of your fans and your hashtag I don’t want a pat on the back, now we're past that I'm hungry like an anorexic pac man I’m not gonna stress i run with the best And i won't accept nothing less We started here, and we'll last until the year 20XX You don’t understand the consequence Only strong should live, like Apocalypse Your music won't last if you dumb it down Like a baby after you’re dropping it (Chorus) We make music that's real again Everything else, I ain’t feeling it Everyone is changing appearances To fit in like a chameleon I wanna keep it peaceful You’ve been keeping it deceitful Me and you have never been equals All of your songs just sound like sequels I'm known for spitting them flames Extinguishing them is impossible Last time you were spitting that heat Hot cheetos put you in the hospital I'm unstoppable cuz i stay at work You just bite thats a lazy verse There's words in your mouth that came out Of somebody else's first like a baby bird I don’t rap with a vocal track I don't need nothing to hold my hand If you do that I'll fold you in half Like Bats, when Bane broke his back On the stage, they hearing the love They call it a rush cuz im making em jump Any of you fakes coming near me get cut Why do you smell like some period blood? I'm tired of the cat and the hat rappers Wanna be trap but you a bad actor I’m ready for battle like Ash put his hat backwards Catching your attacks giving it back like I'm black panther I don't got pity Do i like your music? No, not really I'm a DK looking at you Diddys From the best city in the world, Robot City (Chorus) If you a copy, you in trouble Just like Kirby your imitation isn’t subtle If we get into a scuffle, I’ll leave nothing but a puddle Don’t look at me for hugs, I'm solid snake with the cuddles You know not who your messing with, so just don’t talk Ask me how i go so hard? Ho, I’m a robot! Look at all these dummies, wonder why they gunning for the best Better start running because I'm a let my buster wreck So cold that I was frozen, coming back in 20XX All I want is for my nerds to be accepted Not even Felix could fix what we're wrecking Travel world to world, stages to stages Heads banging, tasty riffs melt faces Music is getting lame, we're gonna set it straight Cutting down featherweights like X with the metal blade You don’t know the power Bitforce holds I need you to think more Gross


released May 1, 2019


all rights reserved



Bitforce San Antonio, Texas

Cartoons, video games, anime, nothing is off limits for the musical stylings of Bitforce. These warriors don light-up armor and use their music to go to war with a multiverse of villains. Join the fight to defend Earth from the evil forces. Lend them your strength! Join the Bitforce! ... more

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